On our path to Eternity

On our path to Eternity
Clint and I welcome you to our Happily Ever Right Now

Saturday, August 20, 2016

August has been a fun, busy month for our family. We celebrated Ollie's 8th month birthday in San Diego while on vacation with my family and had a blast being there with everyone. Even Clint had a good time, and he doesn't do so well around large crowds and new places. On our trip we went to: The Grand Canyon, The USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, Seaworld, The San Diego Zoo, the Beach, and last but not least, the San Diego Temple to watch my cousin get sealed. It was such a great trip. I wish I had a picture of us at the temple, it was so beautiful. Especially because the couple that got sealed right before my cousin was Kyle Batson! An elder who had served with me in Russia and one of the greatest guys I know. Talk about a small LDS world. It was really neat to see him on his special day.

 Some of the highlights of the trip was: Getting to pet a shark, learning about life on an aircraft carrier (Clint especially loved all the high-tech mechanics) finding Trader Joe's and getting their Cookie Butter (SO good!). Seeing Polar Bears for the first time, and they are some of the coolest animals ever! Enjoying the ocean, meeting people from Russia, and getting gloriously tan :) some of the not so great times were Ollie getting constipation and the crazy, reckless drivers of California. Loved visiting, but so glad I don't live there. Our family especially loved SeaWorld. Some day I will definitely take my kids there again. Over all it was nice to get away for a while, but it was even better to come home. 
Since then I've been training someone to take over my billing job at Red Valley Chiropractic. I was very excited about finally being able to stay at home and raise our family, but I could tell that Clint was worried about being the sole provider and keeping up with expenses. I did a lot of praying, and God answered my prayers, just as he always does. The clinic asked me to stay on in a managerial position and just come in once a week to do my work. You just can't ask for any better outcome in a small town, and this made me happy because I really do love working there. So now I'll teach piano, raise my sweet little boy (we do plan on having more someday) and go to work on the weekends. God has blessed our family so much. I'm really grateful for my hard working husband, and how much he's changed and adapted to make me feel loved and special. God gave me exactly who I needed. 
I've been a bit sad lately with all my friends and siblings going back to school this week. But I'm so proud of them. And so glad that I don't have to do it haha.
 Shout out to Shaylee and Jase Dalton, who I am going to miss the most. Here are some pictures of these two sweet cousins as they've grown up together this summer. (Ollie doesn't look happy in any of the pictures but I promise he's quite content haha). Life is good and I can't wait to see what the fall time brings. Ollie can already get from point A to B by scooting/ face planting his way there, and eats all sorts of different baby foods. He babbles and sits up all by himself, so its crazy to think what he'll be able to do in the next four months of his life. So thankful for my sweet boys :)

Well I guess that is all for now. Till next time!